The “GIRASOL” homes by architect José Antonio Coderch, refurbished with the new Flexbrick® siding

Project Info

Architect Atelier Galante

Project Description

It has been fifty years since the construction of the Girasol building, a set of homes considered one of the ten most architecturally representative modern buildings in the city of Madrid. Under the management of the Atelier Galante, the facades have been respectfully and ambitiously refurbished, as their vertical tile panels had been falling off for some time now. This position encouraged the mortar grouting to erode due to rainwater, which even damaged the adhesive layer and led to a progressive loss in the capacity of the panels to remain adhered. This is why, after several attempts to repair them, the facade refurbishment system required redundant safety, in case the adherence of the mortar failed once again. Javier Galante therefore chose to solve the problem using the Flexbrick® ceramic tile system, which hides a mesh that is mechanically attached to the base. This gave an added safeguard in light of any failure of the adhesive: the panels are confined by the mesh, which is bolted to the base.