New Flexbrick® project in France at the Arcachon MA.AT cultural center

Project Info

Architect King Kong architecture studio

Project Description

Thanks to its versatility and adaptability, the Flexbrick® system lines the facades of this historical building, where a WWII bunker appeared. The King Kong architecture studio has been in charge of designing and adapting thanks to its versatility and adaptability, the architects considered the FlexbrickÒ system to line the facades of the old bunker, which has allowed them to customize the project by choosing the pattern, color and shape of their design finish. 5025 sq ft of flexible ceramic panels in white K2 smt back color have been used for this project, thus providing the building with a modern look and design. Owing to the building’s Atlantic location, it is exposed to winds of more than 62 mph; thus, for the facade safety, wind tests were performed with satisfactory results, hence obtaining the ATEx certificate by the CSTB this historical building.