Cylindrical Flexbrick® ceramical frabric facade on the promenada de sibiu shopping mall (Romania)

Project Info

Architect B2 International Consultants

Project Description

The large cylindrical Flexbrick® ceramic fabric facade gives an innovative appearance that encourages the filtering of sunlight and provides natural ventilation to the shopping mall’s parking lot. The investment group NEPI Rockcastle has invested 100 million euros in the shopping mall, built on a 4.2 ha plot with a net floor area of 42,200 meters. The project was managed by the architecture firm B2 International Consultants from Bucharest, the architects used the Flexbrick® construction system on some of the building’s facades. NEPI Rockcastle, the mall’s developer, wanted the building to give the city of Sibiu personality and a contemporary feel. Use of the Flexbrick® ceramic fabric also meant that the project could be customized, selecting the pattern, color and shape of the finish for its design. In this sense, the cylindrical facade of red ceramic panels (around 1,300 m2), applied directly to the prefabricated concrete structure, is worth noting.