16 March 2020

Cylindrical Flexbrick® ceramic fabric facade on the promenada de Sibiu Shopping Mall (Romania))

  • The large cylindrical Flexbrick® ceramic fabric facade gives an innovative appearance that encourages the filtering of sunlight and provides natural ventilation to the shopping mall’s parking lot.
  • The investment group NEPI Rockcastle has invested 100 million euros in the shopping mall, built on a 4.2 ha plot with a net floor area of 42,200 meters. The project was managed by the architecture firm B2 International Consultants from Bucharest.

Last November saw the inauguration of the new Promenada Sibiu shopping mall (Romania), the project which was designed by the architecture firm B2 International Consultants from Bucharest.

Promenada Sibiu Shopping Mall (Romania)

The architects used the Flexbrick® construction system on some of the building’s facades. NEPI Rockcastle, the mall’s developer, wanted the building to give the city of Sibiu personality and a contemporary feel. Use of the Flexbrick® ceramic fabric also meant that the project could be customized, selecting the pattern, color and shape of the finish for its design. In this sense, the cylindrical facade of red ceramic panels (around 1,300 m2), applied directly to the prefabricated concrete structure, is worth noting.

The Flexbrick industrialized system gives projects an avant-garde plasticity and appearance, enabling professionals to customize them for an exclusive design that is easy to install and maintain. This cylindrical facade, which makes the building original, filters the natural sunlight, encourages ventilation, and reduces the consumption of energy by this 4-level parking lot with a total capacity of 1,600 spaces.

Technical data: Promenada Sibiu Shopping Mall (Romania)
Square meters considered: 1,233.64 m2
Number of sheets considered: 122

Average sheet length: 9.28 m, maximum length 18.98 m
Size of the panel pieces: 30 x 11 x 3 cm
50% tissue openwork
Panel material: 1CL STD Red
Mesh and facade support material: AISI 316 stainless steel
Project completion time: 20 days
Architects:  B2 International Consultants

The Promenade Shopping Mall is located in the center of Sibiu, with immediate access to the city’s historic area, making it a very popular area with tourists. The new shopping mall offers all types of service: the first multiplex cinema in the city, more than 25 premium national and international fashion labels, footwear stores, beauty, accessories, sports, toys, etc., as well as many different entertainment options.

Flexbrick ceramic material

This material was created by the architect Vicente Sarrablo, director of the Technical Department and Head of the Ceramics Department at the International University of Catalonia’s School of Architecture. Developed by two companies in the ceramic sector in Spain –Piera Ecocerámica and Cerámica Malpesa– Flexbrick is an industrially produced system based on flexible sheets with ceramic, metallic, glass, wood and other elements to create pavement, cladding and lightweight lamellar structures. The ceramic textile speeds up construction and opens up a new range of possibilities for architectural dry cladding systems. This system allows you to “dress” façades, roofs, open areas, etc. Architects can customise their design according to the needs of each project. Numerous architectural firms have used Flexbrick for their projects, including: Archikubik, Blur Arquitectura, Michèle&Miquel, Pich Architects, PMMT, Juan Trias de Bes –TDB Arquitectura and LG Arquitectos, ArchiKubik, Atelier Galante, Flad Architecture, just to name a few.