12 January 2020

The Flexbrick® system in the Mersch Energy Center (Luxembourg)

A new power plant started to operate last October in Mersch (Luxembourg) to supply thermal energy to the largest municipal and state buildings of the surroundings. Flexbrick® has been used in this case to provide the building a more aesthetic character.

To that purpose, almost 400 squared meters of Venice-colored ceramic platelets have been anchored to the wind on a prefabricated concrete panel. This is the first application of Flexbrick® to an industrial building of these characteristics.

The Flexbrick® industrialized system is a game open to the creativity of architects and engineers, based on the concept of flexible ceramic sheets (or other materials) for the construction of cladding (flooring, facades, roofs). Its format exceeds the work placement from piece to piece and its flexibility makes it possible to store and transport these folded fabrics on pallets to deploy them on site with a crane and hang them like a curtain.