05 August 2019

Flexbrick® reduces the energy demand of the new Moscardó children school in Madrid

In an excellent irregularly-triangular site located in the district of Usera, property of the Madrid City Council, the new children school Moscardó has been built. It is mainly developed on the ground floor and first floor, although it also has a basement and a roof top with exclusive use of facilities. The project was directed by the municipal architect Cleto Barreiro.

The building, centered on the plot, has two accesses for users located north and south respectively. In the southern area, the open areas are located both on the ground floor and first floor. One of the hallmarks of the building is the design of the wraparound façade and latticeworks of Flexbrick® ceramic fabric, whose characteristics adequately limit the energy demand of the building so necessary to achieve thermal comfort, taking into account the extreme climate of Madrid and the use of children’s school on a summer-winter basis.