Medius Klinik Kirchheim
15 April 2019

Medius Klinik Kirchheim: First Flexbrick project in Germany

The company Huber Integral Bau is in charge of the Medius Klinik Kirchheim hospital car park. In this new project, the ceramic textile Flexbrick® will be applied to cover three facades of the building, using white, venecian and red Terracotta pieces.

This car park, placed in Kirchheim unter Teck, a small town near Stuttgart, will be the first project developed by Flexbrick in Germany, which must be added to the car parks projects collection where the ceramic textile has been applied in different countries these last years, like France (Montpellier) or Denmark (Roskilde) 

In this case, Flexbrick® will implement a new metallic structure system to help the facades support the frequent strong winds of the area.