11 January 2019

Flexbrick will be back in Munich during the 2019 BAU international fair

The Flexbrick ceramic fabric will be back in Munich from 19 to 24 January for the 2019 BAU international fair, the leading European fair in the field of architecture, building materials and systems. Specifically, at hall A4/stand 528, industry professionals will be able to know first-hand the features and building, aesthetic and creative possibilities this system offers them

Industry professionals will get to know on site the building features and possibilities of the Flexbrick® fabric at hall A4/stand 528 from 19 to 24 January.

Flexbrick® is an industrialized system based on the concept of flexible ceramic sheets for the construction of coatings (pavements, facades, roofs) and laminar structures (vaults, catenaries, panels) and was jointly developed by Cerámica Malpesa, Piera Ecocerámica and architect Dr. Vicente Sarrablo. In recent years, Flexbrick® has increased its international presence with works carried out in France, Turkey, the United States, Iran and Denmark.

Flexbrick® innovates and updates the use of fired clay as a building material and offers endless architectural possibilities for dry-assembly coating systems. It can be customized with multiple design options, a large variety of materials (glass, wood, etc.) and color ranges, which makes it suitable for any project. In addition, its structure allows for large surfaces to be created with great accuracy in 10 times less time than traditional construction on a piece-by-piece basis. Another aspect to be highlighted about this building fabric is that of protecting buildings from solar radiation, thus significantly reducing energy expenditure.

BAU is a highly important fair for Flexbrick® in strategic terms, due to the international interest that this construction fabric has aroused.

This fabric was presented in 2011 and has been used successfully by large architectural firms, which can customize its design according to each project need. Among the architectural firms using Flexbrick® in some of their projects, the following should be noted: Archikubik, Blur Arquitectura, Michèle&Miquel, Pich Architects, PMMT, TDB Arquitectura and LG Arquitectos, Manel Ruisánchez and Francesc Bacardit, Barceló-Balanzó, Vicenç Sarrablo & Jaume Colom and Roviras-Castelao Arquitectos, Atelier Galante, Buun and Motto, among others.


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