Denizili Han Hotel
06 November 2018

Flexbrick arrives to Turkey with Buun Motto by renewing the Denizili Han Office Building

Buun Motto Arquitecture Studio from Istanbul has relied on Flexbrick® for the refurbishment of the DENIZLI HAN hotel building, located in the old quarter of the city. The support of Flexbrick® representative in Turkey, KUTSEL AS,  was key to develop this project.

Rejuvenating the aesthetics of the building, without breaking with the artistic beauty of the area, has been one of the architects’ priorities. To do so Flexbrick® has created a flexible and continuous mesh of ceramic fabric that surrounds both the main facade of the building and the rear,  located between party walls, including pergola and suspended ceiling.

Once again, the versatility of  Flexbrick® ceramic fabric offers a large number of design options adapting to the needs of each project.

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