23 July 2018

The ceramic fabric Flexbrick ® is to wrap the new Olivo Arena leisure center in Jaén

In a press release, the president of the Regional Council of Jaen, Francisco Reyes, presented the final project for the future Olivo Arena Leisure Center, of which he highlighted its “multipurpose nature, versatility, accessibility, simplicity and cost economy”. A modern, benchmark center for Andalusia, he stated. The budget for the infrastructure is 20.5 million euros, to be funded by the Provincial government and the Department of Tourism and Sport, in equal parts.
The Olivo Arena is to be built on part of the Provincial Trade Fair and Congress Site covering over 41,000 square meters and split into two levels, with the Leisure Center at the lower height. This building is noticeably oval-shaped and it is to have a capacity to seat an audience of 6,589.

The multipurpose nature and exterior design is one of the premises of this project. Reyes explained that “it is a nod to everything that sets the province apart”. The ceramic fabric Flexbrick® wraps the Olivo Arena in a flexible skin that hangs from a metal structure with ceramic elements produced in the province of Jaen, with many different colors ranging from the ochers of the natural parks to that green shade of our olives.
Together with the design, special emphasis has been placed on the heat and acoustic insulation and in the recovery of rainwater for the water supply and irrigation, drastically reducing operating and maintenance costs.

The video of the project